Each of the body’s hormones can be envisaged as musical instruments in an orchestra and the perfect balance is Harmony. Balancing the hormones is like tuning a musical instrument. Each hormone plays it’s own part in creating the perfect concert; until the day one is out of tune and throws off the entire melody. There are more than 100 hormones produced by the body, each one regulating every function of the body.


No one should have to live with an untreated hormonal imbalance. Hormone restoration therapy can benefit any person, any sex at any age.  I can help patients reclaim their lives by restoring the most optimal and healthy hormones levels for them at any age; regaining their confidence, sense of vitality and enthusiasm for life.


I specialise in Hormonal Restoration with the aim of restoring you to optimal health and hormonal balance.  Hormonorestorative therapy is the multi- hormonal approach with the use of chemically identical human hormones and is administered in physiologic ratios and dosages that simulate the natural human production cycle.


Bio-identical hormone restoration or therapy is a specialised field of medicine, which consists of optimising male or female hormones through the use of natural bio-identical hormones. There is a lot of clinical evidence to suggest that unbalanced hormone levels cause many symptoms and chronic diseases. Hormonal balance is essential for memory and concentration, cardiovascular health and strong bones as well as supporting the body’s ability to maintain health, energy and prevent disease.  In addition our modern way of life; stressful, poor quality of food and lack of exercise undermines our quality of health, not just for the present, but also for the future.


Bio-identical hormone restoration therapy has been used with great success by patients throughout Europe and the United States and is currently being used to improve the lives of millions of men and women with hormonal imbalances.


Hormones are just as important for men as they are for women. In fact both men and women produce the same hormones, only in different amounts.


In men, the decline of hormones is more gradual, often occurring in mid life and is called Andropause. This loss of ‘joie de vivre’ results from decreased testosterone and DHEA. The first signs are not necessarily loss of libido or erectile dysfunction, but usually of fatigue and depression.


In women, this decline in hormones appears to be more dramatic with the onset of menopause. However from the age of 30-35 female hormones are in a decline so it is definitely worth addressing this imbalance prior to the onset of menopause.


Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is different from conventional HRT.


There is a lot of confusion over the terms synthetic and bio-identical hormones. Synthetic hormones are manufactured in the laboratory.


Conventional (synthetic) hormones (HRT) such as Premarin and Provera are animal derived (horse oestrogens). They are not identical in chemical structure to those hormones produced by the human body and are known to cause many side effects, such as weight gain and skin problems.


Bio-identical hormones are synthesized in the laboratory but sourced from plants such as soya beans and yams and have the same molecular structure as those found in the human; thus side effects and risks are minimised. Drug companies can’t patent a bio-identical or natural compound.


Preparations for hormone replacement therapy are tailor made for each individual by compound pharmacies; adherent to strict guidelines to ensure consistent quality and safety. Their presentation is either in the form of topical gels/creams or by mouth. With most hormone therapy, symptoms will start to improve in 7 to 14 days and usually by 3 to 5 weeks you should notice a dramatic improvement. Obviously nutrition plays an important role in the activity or function of the hormones and this will be addressed as part of the program. I recommend a diet rich in organic fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and beans as possible, along with organic meats and safe fish choices.


The hormone program will be adapted as progress is made. Our bodies adapt to the hormones and may start creating certain hormones, vitamins and/or minerals that allow for the removal or dose reduction. The initial cost of £65-£100 per month may sound high but the ongoing maintenance cost will reduce over time because certain supplement bottles will contain several months supply.


The idea is not to replace your hormones but increase or supplement the blood levels of the hormones you already produce, without suppressing your own endogenous production.


A simple blood test / hormone profile will help to discover particular deficiencies or an imbalance of multiple hormones that could be affecting your health.  The profile will check vitamin and mineral levels to see if you could benefit from any dietary or lifestyle changes. These blood tests will be tailored and become less frequent as the body reaches optimal performance.


These hormone tests typically include LH (luteinising hormone), FSH (follicular stimulating hormone), Prolactin, Oestrogen (Estradiol, Estriol and Estrone), Progesterone, Testosterone, SHBG (Sex hormone binding globulin), DHEA, Cortisol, Thyroid (T3, T4 and TSH) and HGH (Human growth hormone), Vitamin D, Melatonin, Lipids, cholesterol and Glucose.


My experience has allowed me to help women and men in all phases of their lives to achieve optimal health and wellness specialising in hormone balance, nutrition and the treatment of the illnesses of aging.