While the demand for cosmetic surgery is increasing, there have also been significant developments in non-surgical procedures that help combat signs of aging. These treatments are termed ‘cosmetic medical procedures’ such as fillers and muscle relaxing injections. Whether you are looking for defined facial contours, volume and lift, fuller lips or softened facial lines, or simply just an improvement of your skin and its appearance - my range of treatments can help bring out the best in your personal appearance.


Thanks to their safety and effectiveness, these walk-in, walk-out procedures have become extremely popular during the past few years. 
‘It is my philosophy to apply a holistic approach to every individual patient, and with a wide range of the most advanced non-surgical techniques, to design a tailor made treatment plan for you. During the consultation process and discussion of your expectations, I will advise you which treatments are the most appropriate to achieve your desired outcome. A detailed evaluation of the face, with photographs, is produced before commencing treatment’s